Credit: Fleischer brothers via The Public Domain Review

Bandcamp.com - May 24, 2023
James Acaster took the time to walk me through albums he recommends from his extensive Bandcamp explorations, in advance the release of his music collective's first album, his debut as a producer, Party Gator Purgatory. We also talked about how to approach one's art life. 

Askmen.com - April 14th, 2023
I interviewed a professor of American Cultural Studies and historian of race, an author of a book about her interracial marriage, and got to cite a professor of Queer Asian studies, as well as two studies describing attitudes towards interracial relationships and people's feelings about them. A primer. 

Chatelaine.com - November 25, 2022
A reported piece with data and interviews, about how increasing social supports can end food insecurity, and what households can do to deal with inflation at the grocery store. 

๐Ÿ™ˆ On Belonging
The Montreal Review of Books - November 2, 2022
A feature review of Toula Drimonis' book about immigration to Canada and CAQ xenophobia, in which I take her to task for not naming the white supremacist logic of xenophobic electioneering.

Askmen.com - September 30, 2022
A short primer on the reasons to distrust general statements about the nature of men and women, and heterosexual romance, with expert opinions from social psychology, evolutionary psychology, and cultural history.

The Toronto Star - July 24, 2022
"A group of standups, a bare-handed cricket player and a mascot named Pierogi. An ode to beer-league softball and summer fun". Friends have called it "Phenomenal", "Vibey and honest and fun", "I'm literally obsessed with this", "Holy heck", "So funny", "fantastic", and "I absolutely adored the article".

PASTE MAGAZINE - June 22, 2022
A story for Hayden Muller, a trans non-binary friend, International Workers of the World Organizer, and centre of the Montreal queer online community. We miss you. 

Canadian Notes and Queries - April 22, 2022
This bi-lingual, sci-fi/fantasy/horror bookstore in NDG attracts a far-flung, ardent clientele. 

CultMTL - May 26, 2022
An interview with stand-up comedian David Heti.

The Montreal Gazette - May 7, 2022
A thousand words about new mothers in the pandemic.

Chatelaine.com - April 27, 2022
A personal essay about learning my mother's first language as an adult.

๐Ÿ•ฎ Profiles in Bookselling: Librairie St. Henri Books for
Canadian Notes and Queries - April 22, 2022
A profile about a local indie bookstore's success.

❤ Oberon
The Malahat Review - Issue 216
An elegy for a friend who died young

๐Ÿ˜ˆ Quebec and Korea Have More in Common Than You Might Think
A personal essay about political commonalities between Korea and Quebec

☠ Crossing Over Russell Marois
2014 issue of Canadian Notes & Queries, the Montreal issue.
A ghost story-detective story hybrid about a lost Canadian postmodern.

♖ Marathon Day
Vol. 6, Summer 2014, The Inman Review.
An essay about Boston's Marathon Day bombing and an ill-fated bus trip through the Vermont state capital.
☸ Review: Tim Krabbรฉ's The Cave & Translating Dutch
Featured on the Biblioasis Translation Blog, March 25, 2014. 
Review of a Dutch noir novel translated by Sam Garrett.

⚔ Ephemeris Guest Post
Encore Magazine, June 6th, 2014
An essay about encouraging criticism in local literary scenes.

☸ Review: Selecteds are the Best Of Albums of Poetry. 
Reviewed: The Essential Anne Wilkinson by Ingrid Ruthig
Encore Magazine, April 20th, 2015
In which I am not very charitable to a small but powerful editing project of Ingrid Ruthig, presenting the canonical poems of one of Canada's most promising late modernists.

⚔ Ephemeris Guest Post 
Encore Magazine, September 26th, 2015
A post about Francis Child ghost ballads, David Konstan's On Forgiveness, the lyre metaphor in Plato's Phaedo, and second chances.

☣ Colored Dust
Published in The Veg magazine, McGill University, 2010.   
A prose poem about conflict, imagination, and domestic violence.